At home workouts

As mentioned before in the previous post, there are some benefits to working out at home. If you are lost on what to do, here are some workout plans that you can try. For descriptions on how to do these exercises see this article by

Here is an overview of a sample 30-minute routine:

You will be using your own body weight as resistance. 30 seconds of rest is allowed between each exercise.

  1. Warm up for eight minutes; however you can get your own heart rate up. This may include jogging, jumping jacks, or even dancing to your favourite song.
  2. One minute of jungle squats (Lower body)
  3. One minute of push ups (Upper body)
  4. One minute of reverse V lunges (Lower body)
  5. One minute of modified chair dips (Upper body)
  6. Two minutes of cardio (Whole body)
  7. One minute of ab exercises (Whole body)
  8. Thirty second break.

Repeat steps 2-8 three times. If you perform this workout three times a week for three weeks with two days of 30 minute cardio in addition to this, you should feel stronger and have more energy to do more. Record how many you do per minute to see if you make an improvement each week.

Experiment with different exercises and see what types of exercises work best for you, or even if working out at home suits your schedule.


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